Jan 24, 2017

Twin sisters treated for seven years, overcame sickness to enter school in the United States and Canada

The patients of this case are a pair of twin sisters, the father is an American and the mother is Chinese. Since childhood, the twins had been frail and were often sick but had never been able to find out the cause. Whenever the family went out for leisure, the twins would feel extremely exhausted. The parents were always worried and days felt like years, until the day they found me. They began to see hope for vitality again. A long seven years of treatment had enabled them to return to normal. It was an incredible recovery and the end result had given their mother a mixed feeling of happiness and excitement beyond belief. Their mother’s determination and perseverance had paid off. Six years ago, the twins were both enrolled in a Canadian secondary schools. After graduation, one was admitted to a United States college and the other, a Canadian college, both with scholarships. The twins are now grown-ups, attending second year of college, living a normal college student living.

The twins were born on December 30, 1996, preterm infants, weighing only three pounds, less than half of that of normal babies. They were born with congenital heart disease. When they were one year old, they underwent heart surgery in the States. The older sister had a heart valve surgery, and the little sister, in addition to a heart valve surgery, due to right myocardium hypoplasia, also needed a surgery to connect one of the coronary arteries to the pulmonary artery in order to prevent insufficient blood supply. Although the surgeries had been successful, it was also the beginning of their nightmares.

A year and a half after the surgery, the twins often screamed for no reason, indicating that there was pain inside their body. However, unfortunately, after the doctor checked them out for a long time, he could not find the cause. Their parents felt so helpless at that time. Later when they grew a little bigger, they were able to point at their heads and cried painfully. Not until then the parents understood that the pain was in the head. Their father once recalled: “Doctors in Hong Kong and the United States have done so many examinations and observations, including brain MRI scan, but failed to identify the cause. The twins have been in and out of the hospital so often, all the staff in the hospital knew them.”

Extreme headache, rampant vomit

Gradually growing up, the twins became sick more and more frequently. To see the pain they were suffering from was unbearable. When they were four years old, they would suddenly suffer from muscles convulsions about once a month. Western medicine believed it was a precursor to epilepsy. Their father, in an interview with the South China Morning Post, said: “Their migraine was terrible. When it attacked, they would hold their heads and vomit. The situation was really heartbreaking. As their father, I felt completely helpless and engulfed with anxiety. It is unimaginable if you have not been through such situation. I thought they would not live past five years old.”

When the twins were in a weaker state, they often caught fevers. Their drawings were all gray and black in color, people’s eyes were painted black, there were no mouth and the hands were blurred. When they were going to pre-school, half of the time were absent due to illness. They often had to take painkillers, leading to confusion. The older sister even tried to take medication for preventing epilepsy. When they were in a better condition, they would go out, however, many times, due to exhaustion, they had to return home early disappointed.

The twins came to my clinic for their first consultation and diagnosis when they were four and a half years old. The older sister was suffering from migraine, stuttering and impaired speech. She was hyperactive, restless and had trouble focusing. She often had bloating which felt like her heart was being pushed against, it was very uncomfortable. She also had lazy eyes. When she looked up, the left eye would move to the upper left corner quickly. If she stared for a while, her eyes would feel very tired and she would need to rub her eyes a bit to alleviate the discomfort. She often wet her bed and when she was in a deep sleep, her hands would wave unconsciously. The little sister also had migraine and it felt very painful. She was also hyperactive and had lazy eyes. When she looked up, her eyes would constantly quiver and could not stay at the upper position. After my detailed study, research and analysis, I believed that the origin of all their illnesses and symptoms was the heart surgery they had undergone as a baby. During the heart surgery, some blood vessels of the blood circulation system of the heart were connected to a blood circulation machine in vitro. In the connection process, the blood had been contaminated with tiny particles. As these particles flowed through the blood to the brain into microvascular blood vessels, it had clogged the vessels, causing insufficient blood flowing further to other parts of the brain. Another possibility was that during the connection of the blood vessels, the sudden increase in blood pressure had led to the bursting of microvascular blood vessels, forming blood stasis. In either case, blood stasis remained in the brain causing blockages and insufficient blood supply. In Chinese medicine there’s a saying, “if there’s blockage, there’s pain. If blockage is cleared, then there’ll be no pain”. Therefore, in the treatment, we must first strengthen the liver, kidney, and the heart, so that the blood could reach the brain and, along with the medication, diffused through the blood brain barrier to dissolve blood stasis and toxin, which could then be discharged. As a result, the meridians and vascular obstruction would be cleared and migraine would eventually disappear.

It was not easy to get the twins to take the Chinese medicine. Their father, a non-Chinese, had thought of many different ways for the task. At the end, he had to resort to rewarding them for taking their medicine. Every time they finished one bowl of medicine, they could get candies, and after finishing their medicine for a week, they could get a prize. He would bring the twins out to buy toys. Later on, taking the medicine became a habit. There was no more complaints, because after a period of medication, their headache had been significantly reduced, and there was significant improvement in every aspect. They began to understand that the traditional Chinese medicine had great benefits to their body and they were happy to drink it.

Visual impairment, images incomplete

After taking the medicine, the most significant improvement the twins had was their visual. Things they saw around them appeared much brighter than before. They were not used to the brightness and needed to wear sun glasses when they took their naps in the morning. Unlike an ordinary person, when they saw things, they did not see the whole image. Sometimes they saw the upper half, sometimes the lower half. Sometimes when they saw the upper half, the lower half was black. When the little sister looked at me, I was inverted sometimes. I once asked them what my face looked like, they said that I did not have any nose or mouth. I realized all along, what they saw was deformed. No wonder the portrait they drew was missing some facial features. If they lowered their head and the eyes looked up at me, they would see four or two images. After more than two months of treatment, the little sister’s eyes had a breakthrough in progress. She said she could clearly see my face and the pictures hanging behind the wall. Before, her field of view was very narrow and small and could not see the surrounding things. Since the treatment, her retina and visual nerves for the transmission of signal began to function properly. This was an excellent progress. After another month, she said that the things she saw had fixed color and they appeared to be clearer than before. For example, she could see the gray and white dots on her father’s shirt. Her eyes could move normally from left to right. However when she looked up, her right eye moved up normally but the left eye would stay in a certain position and not synchronized with the right eye. Before, when the twins watched TV, they could not see clearly from very far, the TV had to be only about two feet away. Later, with a substantial improvement with their vision, they did not need to sit so close.

The older sister often got headache and when she had a headache, she would vomit, followed by phlegm obstruct. Sometimes she would lose her vision, which would be restored after a while. She was very afraid of loud noise, it would stimulate the headache. Sometimes she had to ask her sister to not speak so loudly. Before, she was not able to see small things, however, after the treatment, she could see the freckles on her mother’s face. She could also see the acne on my face and pointed at where it was with her little finger when I asked her. She could roll her eyes from left to right normally. When she looked up, the left eye would stop at the upper left corner for a moment before it was back to normal. She often felt that the back of the eye was being pulled, it felt very uncomfortable and tiring.

When the twins were asleep, they sweated a lot, leaving a thick rusty smell on their pillows and their hair would be all wet. This phenomenon indicated that blood stasis and toxin in the brain was being discharged through sweat. The older sister could quickly fall asleep but often awakened in the middle of the night by nightmares. She dreamed about monster and was so scared she would look for her parents. Sometimes it was like sleepwalking. She would get up to look for her father, but then forgot all about it when she woke up. The twins had, surprisingly, good appetites. They were energetic and talked a lot. The older sister had become very good with speech and had no more stuttering. The little sister once ran up nine floors with her dad without stopping and was not even panting, indicating that the heart function had greatly improved. The biggest problem the twins had was bedwetting, it happened every now and then without any improvement. Due to the improvement of their vision, they were happier with more laughs every day like a child, unlike before when they were glum and always frowning. The twins did not like to read because when they read, some text would jump and pop out and they were suddenly big or small. After reading for a while, their eyes became fatigue easily. So most of the books they read had big fonts and they loved to look at pictures. As their vision improved, they were more willing to go to school and their grades improved significantly. As they reached the mid-stage of the treatment, they were able to read the smallest words in their books. Their reading speed also became faster and faster.

Being able to swim is a miracle

Neuro diseases lead to personal development disorders. In my original “Chinese medicine brain theory”, it’s all related to blood stasis and toxins in the brain. When I treat neuro diseases, I will first strengthen the patient’s heart, liver and kidney. By strengthening the heart, it can enable sufficient blood flowing to the brain, passing through the brain’s blood-brain barrier, and removing the blood stasis and toxins in the brain. In the seven years of treating the twins, I had observed and identified the blood stasis and toxins that had been discharged through their urine, in order to determine the progress of the treatment, so as to adjust the prescription. Another common phenomenon that occurred during the treatment is pseudo fever syndrome, a reaction to excess stasis and toxins being discharged. The twins often caught the pseudo fever syndrome, after which their condition would be improved significantly. Many parents thought that was a cold symptom and would ask for a treatment for it. In fact, as long as the patient continued with the existing treatment, after the stasis and toxins had been discharged, the fever would be gone in two days.

After a period of treatment, the older sister became stronger. She went swimming one time and was very excited. Their parents thought it was a miracle. Two little girls, who had undergone an open heart surgery, would be out of breath even walking a few steps before the treatment, could now swim. It was unbelievable. In terms of hearing, if the teacher spoke too fast, she would not be able to hear clearly. However, one day, she could suddenly hear every word. She could even hear the sound outside the classroom. After a while, one day she said that the hearing of her right ear became really poor, almost couldn’t hear. I believed that was due to stasis blocking and suppressing the auditory nerve, cutting off the transmission of sound waves to the brain. I told her not to worry and to continue to take the medication. After a while, her hearing was restored, and was even better than before. She could identify the direction of the source of the sound. Before the treatment, she heard only a mass of sound and couldn’t tell the direction of the sound. After the treatment, she could distinguish the direction of the sound and hear stereo. To her, the sound of the world has completely changed. Her mother was so happy that she has restored this function of her ears. Her eyesight has improved, but when she looked up, there was still shadows of images, which would gradually combine with the images. If she was disturbed by external sound, the shadows would appear again. If staring for too long, her eyelids would droop and she would need to rest before she could open them again. Vomiting and dizziness often occurred but was slowly reduced along the treatment. In the later stage of the treatment, her heart became much stronger. She could even do long runs without any discomfort or panting, as if she was totally reborn.

The situation was the same with the little sister. She often had headache and vomiting. Regarding her vision, in the beginning of the treatment, she would see words jumping and suddenly became big or small. During the mid-stage of the treatment, her vision continued to improve. Now she was able to see the smallest words on the calendar. However, if someone moved in front of her quickly, she would not be able to see clearly. The left and right movement of her eyes were normal, however, her two eyes could not synchronize when looking up. The left eye would turn to the upper left corner, and would see shadows. She was so happy when there was no shadow one time. Throughout the treatment, the condition of her eyes gradually improved. In a noisy environment, she could not hear sounds beyond twenty feet. She had very bad temper, often very moody and quarreled with her big sister. She even bit her sister’s arm. In terms of sports, her swimming performance was particularly good. She was the champion in her school’s competition. Compared with her condition in the beginning, when she was so weak she would pant only after walking for few steps, her condition after the treatment was a huge difference. She was a totally different person, she became cheerful and was always smiling.

Slow response, cannot play ball games

The twins had a common problem, that is, slow response. For that reason, they rarely participate in ball games with their classmates. When they saw a ball coming their way and were supposed to catch it, they would reach out their hands but the ball would have past already and they would miss. This defect was mainly because when the visual nerve received the signal, the processing time was too long before a decision that the hands needed to reach out was made, not before the ball had flown away. This phenomenon was mainly due to the brain neurons’ overall operation speed being too slow. This speed is equivalent to the clock rate of the computer central processing unit (CPU). And the reason the brain neurons’ operation speed was slow was that there was a lot of stasis in the brain, causing obstruction. It was also because of the accumulation of excessive iron ions, the residue of blood stasis, affecting the signal transmission speed. Throughout the treatment, blood stasis continued to be discharged and blockage reduced. Signal transmission blockage would also be reduced and the transmission speed would return to normal. In the later stage of the treatment, the problem of slow response had been completely eliminated. Their problem of physical imbalance had also disappeared.

The recovery of the twins was the result of their mother’s tireless and meticulous care, and her willingness to pay a huge sum of money. As parents, for the recovery of their sick children, they had done everything they possibly could. They prayed to God and even made wishes at the wishing tree in Tai Po. When the older sister was first admitted in the hospital, the mother would bring along the company’s documents to the hospital. The hospital had become a home and an office for her. Seven or eight days later, when older sister was discharged in the morning, little sister was admitted in the afternoon. The twins took turns being hospitalized. They spent half a month in the hospital, even at festivals. The parents were so exhausted. This kind of pressure would be unbearable for other people, but for the sake of her daughters, the mother stayed brave throughout all difficulties. From this, we could see the greatest love of all was that of a parent for her children. This medical case is very successful. Although they still get headache once in a while, it has significantly reduced. They are now enrolled in university and have been living independently, just like any other normal students. The older sister is currently a sophomore in college in Canada, studying computer science and is the drummer of the school’s rowing team. While the little sister is now a sophomore in an American University, studying anthropology. Both were awarded the University scholarship. From September 2001 to December 17, 2009, the twins had been treated for more than seven years with a total of three hundred and thirty-six visits.

By Dr. Au Sik Kee

Jan 24, 2017

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