Feb 14, 2017

Sickly man turned to TCM after much torture, condition improved

Before patient of this case even reached 60, he had already been suffering from many illnesses. At 58, he had diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular blockage. He was physically and mentally tortured. When he first came to my clinic to seek treatment, his complexion was dark and gray with green. Two years prior, due to coronary artery blockage of as much as 50% in 2 arteries, he had to undergo percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty, commonly known as “balloon angioplasty”. A stent was placed in the blood vessels to widen the blood vessels. After the operation, he had to take aspirin blood thinning pills daily. He also needed to take hypoglycemic pills, blood pressure pills, cholesterol-lowering pills, and so on, more than ten kinds of Western medicine every day. Due to excessive medicine intake over the years, his liver and kidney function had deteriorated, leading to the phenomenon of impotence.

Patient’s sleep and bowel movement were normal. Due to long-term use of aspirin, any slight collision of the body would cause purple spots. Angina had occurred before while 50% of two of his coronary arteries was blocked. Inside of both forearms near the elbow felt pain and on the back near the heart location felt sore. These were phenomena of myocardial infarction. His toes felt numb, caused by diabetes and heart disease. His vision was also blurred. He said that his memory was a lot worse than before. It should be due to the long-term use of blood pressure pills, which reduced the amount of blood provided to the brain, causing nervous system degeneration. I told patient that once he stopped all western medicine and started to take my prescribed Chinese medicine, in three weeks, his memory would improve. I assured him that his toe numbness would improve in a week. He was astonished after hearing that because his toes had been numbed for several years.

Toe numbness completely disappeared

After patient started treatment, he called to report that the toe numbness had improved, mouth fluid had increased and the need to use the toilet at night had reduced. His back was not sore anymore and there was no more discomfort on the left shoulder blade. He felt tightness and heaviness in the chest. His scrotum was firmer than before and one morning he suddenly experienced morning erection, the first time in ten years. He felt energized at work during the day and he would walk up three floors. He felt his leg bones stronger, his heart stronger and had less gasping. Only his vision did not seem to have any changes. When he came for a follow-up visit after a week, he said that the numbness on his toes had completely disappeared when he got up in the morning. The soles of his feet were showing blood-redness and were warm. All these phenomena were consistent with my expectation. Since diabetics are often thirsty, the disease is also called “dispersion-thirst syndrome” in Chinese medicine. Patients feel the need to drink a lot of water. Therefore, there will be frequent urination. After treatment, however, patient’s thirst had reduced. The amount of water he consumed and the need to use the toilet were reduced also. As for the morning erection, the penis was not firm and hard enough, it was yet to be strengthened. Before the treatment, when blood pressure rose, patient would feel pain at the top of his head. After the treatment, the headache disappeared even when his blood pressure rose. This indicated that the meridian and vascular obstruction at the top of his head had been cleared by the medicine.

At the third follow-up visit, one urine sample that patient brought was dark orange brown. That indicated toxic stasis discharged from the heart and head. Other samples were light orange and orange brown. In one bottle, there was brown uric acid crystals, which was kidney stone, after being dissolved, discharged through urine. Once these substances were removed from the body, the kidney function would improve. In the morning, patient had a glycemic index of 8.3, normal blood pressure and seldom had urinary urgency. As urination at night decreased, he could sleep through the night most of the time. His scrotum was firm in the morning and relaxed in the afternoon. His vision had improved both at day and night, indicating retinal blood supply had improved. He felt more energized during daytime at work, unlike before the treatment when he often felt tired. Although his complexion was still green and yellow, there was a hint of blood redness and lust. His back near the heart location rarely felt sore.

Gradually improved, recovery expected

Patient’s condition gradually improved. When going uphill, he would be gasping only a little, which was not bad. His penis would swell in the morning but would not fully erect. His vision was fuzzy intermittently. He still felt tightness and heaviness in the chest. There was still pain on his back, left arm and the inner part under his left shoulder blade every now and then. Nevertheless, his condition was 60 to 70% better than before. At the sixth follow-up visit, of the eight bottles of urine sample he brought, one was orange brown and the rest were all purple red, indicating a lot of blood stasis and toxins being discharged from the liver. A damaged liver caused the weak heart. Patient also said that his two big toes felt a little numb. I once asked him how he felt since taking my medicine and how many years ago had the condition of the body recovered to. He thought for a moment and replied, “I feel like I have returned to my condition two years ago, with more energy and less gasping than before.” At the seventh follow-up visit, his measured glycated hemoglobin index was 12. He said that the pain on his left shoulder blade was shifting. The pain had reduced and the soreness on the back had reduced also. In the morning of the eighth follow-up visit, his penis swelled in morning erection but was still not firm enough. The urine samples he brought, two bottles were purple red, three bottles were orange brown and one bottle was orange. His vision was clear and bright, although it would be a little blurry when he just woke up in the morning and then return to normal after a while. His body often felt hot and sweated a lot. That was a phenomenon of detoxification.

Heart strengthened, agile mobility

Patient’s condition improved from being sluggish to being energized every day in only 2 months of treatment. There was progress in all aspects of the body. He became cheerful and was full of confidence with my treatment. His heart was also strengthened. He could go up and down stairs with ease unlike in the past when it was difficult moving even a step. At the tenth follow-up visit, his self-tested glycemic index was slightly higher at 13 and blood pressure was still higher than normal. Nevertheless, there was no more swelling pain at the top of his head. His shoulder blade pain had reduced in the past few days. The tightness in his chest had also greatly alleviated and almost no longer existed. The urine samples he brought, one bottle was purple red, one bottle was brownish red and one bottle was orange brown. In one of the bottles, there was floating fat discharged from fatty liver. Based on the color of the urine, toxic stasis had begun to be discharged from the heart, brain and liver, it was progressing well.

At the fourteenth follow-up visit, patient’s blood pressure began to decline, indicating that the blockage of blood vessels and meridians had been removed a lot. Once the brain meridian was cleared, both hands would become warm with blood color. The dark ‘Qi’ on the palm would disappear. Patient’s vision still fluctuated. Sometimes he could see things clearly, but sometimes blurred. The condition had not yet stabilized. The patient added that his physical strength was very good. Before the treatment, he could only walk for one hundred meters uphill. Now he could walk for more than four hundred meters in one go without gasping and with heart rate normal. There was no more feeling of thirst during the day. He only needed to use the toilet at night occasionally, indicating his kidney function had also improved. Observing his urine samples, there were still brown urate crystals continued to be discharged, indicating that the kidney function was still being strengthened. Liver blood stasis, indicated by purple red urine color, had reduced. However, there was still a lot of brain toxic stasis constantly being discharged.

Intraocular macular disappeared

Patient’s condition remained stable without much changes. By the twenty-sixth follow-up visit, he said that he had been to a follow-up at a public hospital and the blood test indicated that the liver enzyme had returned to normal. Eye examination indicated that intraocular macular had completely dissipated, which showed that his diabetic retinopathy had completely recovered. The blockage in the blood vessels that caused the damage of the retina was cleared. The retina was able to receive adequate blood supply, hence vision returned to normal. Backache near the heart had completely disappeared. The pain in the right shoulder had also begun to subside, although the left shoulder would feel pain occasionally. Tightness in the chest had almost completely disappeared. All these phenomena were the result of improved myocardial infarction and recovery of the heart function. By the middle of the treatment course, patient’s complexion became fair with lust and he was energized. However, due to feelings of excitement, he over exercised, causing pain on both sides of the shoulder again. It should be a muscle problem. Occasionally, he would feel a pull in the heart. This was a phenomenon when the medicine was opening up the heart muscles. At the thirty-third follow-up visit, he said he no longer felt thirsty and needed to drink water after he woke up to urinate at night. This indicated that his diabetic condition had improved.

Plastic bottle with urine sample deformed

At one point, patient asked me for my advice regarding polyps found in his large intestine. He said he wanted to go to the hospital for an examination but it would involve general anesthesia and cleaning the gut. As a result, many probiotics would be lost and the entire digestive system would indirectly be damaged. The cause of diabetes was due to problem with digestive system metabolism. At that time since his diabetic symptoms was improving, I strongly opposed to the hospital examination. The anesthetic drugs would also hurt the brain cells. I believed my Chinese medicine could eliminate his polyps and there was no need to fuss about it. He listened to me and did not go through examination. His blood pressure gradually declined, indicated that a large amount of accumulated stasis in the brain had been discharged, removing the blockage. As for why the pain on the shoulders continued to shift, it was because as the dissolved stasis was being discharged, it traveled through the brain nerves, causing the position of pain to be constantly shifting. I believed over time, after more stasis was discharged, he would fully recover.

After a period of time, patient went to the hospital again for a physical examination. His cholesterol and triglyceride indexes were higher, which was due to the effect of my drug and would soon be discharged. His retinopathy had completely disappeared. His urine consisted of protein and his blood pressure dropped. Everything remained well. He had eaten more sweet food, such as soy milk and Coca-Cola, and his blood sugar index was slightly elevated. The plastic bottle he brought with his urine sample was deformed because there was excessive sugar in the urine. The sugar produced gas after fermentation, increasing the pressure in the bottle. As a result, the indented bottom of the bottle was pushed out into a semi-spherical shape. By the forty-fifth follow-up visit, there was no more deformation of the bottles. He pointed out that he had drank less soft drinks, which of course had reduced the discharge of sugar in his urine. Later he had a body checkup again. His cholesterol and triglycerides were still high and there was cataract in his left eye. I advised him to quit sweets and continue with my treatment. During that period, he had also suffered from sciatica due to a motorcycle accident and had recovered after several weeks of treatment.

Everything went well with patient. He ran for half an hour every day without any irritation or wheezing. His blood pressure returned to normal and only had occasional shoulder pain. I suggested that he could stop my treatment. The last time he came to my clinic I asked him how his body felt on the whole. He said that he felt like his condition was that of ten years ago. I was overjoyed to hear that. Not only had I cured several of his illnesses, I also made him feel younger again. I recommended to him three kinds of soups in order to maintain good health. They were young black bean with lean meat and chicken feet soup, stewed egg water with jujube, stewed chicken with tienqi (田七), to eliminate intravascular plaque and the accumulation of blood stasis and to maintain vascular patency. This case ended satisfactorily and we took pictures at the lobby of the clinic. The patient was first treated on August 22, 2014 and ended on December 12, 2015. He was treated for about one year and four months with a total of 68 visits.

By Dr. Au Sik Kee

Feb 14, 2017

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