Sep 20, 2016

Parkinson’s disease elderly woman fully recovered after only 19 visits

Dear reader, today’s case is a case of Parkinson’s disease, which is a common disease in the elderlies. The patient was an elderly woman aged 72, referred by a friend from the United States. She flew all the way from the States to Hong Kong for medical treatment. After the first treatment, her condition has already greatly improved. After only nineteen treatments, she was completely cured, from the beginning with difficulty walking, to later being able to drive on her own. This case can actually be considered a miracle case.

The principle of my treatment of this disease is based on my original “Chinese medicine brain theory”. Parkinson’s disease is a brain disease. It is caused by blood clots in the brain, oppressing the brain nerves, preventing the signal from transmitting smoothly and causing the signal to constantly bouncing back. This repeated transmission forms an oscillating signal, resulting in shaking limbs. The limb muscles cannot be controlled normally making movements difficult. If we can remove the blood clots and restore blood supply to the corresponding brain cells, the signal will no longer be blocked causing oscillation, physical movements will then be improved.

Pale complexion, mobility impaired

On May 16, 2011, patient came to my clinic for the first time for treatment. Her spirit seemed good, although her complexion was pale and her voice was weak. She has suffered many years of liver pain. She said that at the age of 37, she had uterine fibroids and her reproductive organs had to be removed entirely. She had undergone a full body anesthesia surgery, so part of the brain cells must have been greatly damaged. Also, for a long time, she has been taking estrogen supplements. About a year ago, because of high blood pressure, she started taking antihypertensive drugs, resulting in vasodilation, causing insufficient blood supply to the brain. She also began to suffer from back pain, knee weakness and heel pain, such symptoms of renal decline.

Patient had tried taking a year of health supplements, such as ginkgo biloba, claimed for the general use to clear cerebral blood vessels. However, according to my experience, for a number of patients, as soon as they started taking these supplements, they immediately felt their head out of control and felt a force pulling and turning the head to one side. This head twisting phenomenon, although somewhat different from the body tremor, has the same cause. Due to slight bursting of cerebrovascular, traces of blood clots is formed. The blood clots oppresses the nerves, hindering the transmission of information, causing oscillation of signals. Under such circumstance, hands and feet will tremble, and sometimes the head will jitter slightly up and down or left and right.

Patient also took calcium pills to prevent osteoporosis. Because of these pills, her brain has accumulated a lot of protein peptide (beta amyloid), which is a mixture of cholesterol and calcium material. Beta amyloid deposits and accumulates in tiny blood vessels in the brain, causing obstruction of blood flow, so that brain cells lack blood supply, leading to deterioration, which is one of the main causes of Parkinson’s disease.

Few years ago, patient’s right foot began to shake on its own. It shook uncontrollably even when sitting down. Subsequently, the shaking began to impact her walking. When standing, she found it hard to lift her leg and take a step. It would take her a moment, with great effort and determination, to take the first step. Every day she had to go through this difficult situation numerous times, bringing a lot of inconvenience in her life and she had lost her confidence walking.

Improvement after first medication

Patient has done a number of tests by western doctors in the States and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. After my observation of her various symptoms, I concluded that she suffered from moderate Parkinson’s disease. During the first consultation period, patient said that in the past one or two years, when she talked, she felt like she was short of breath and was not loud enough, unlike before. This showed that her heart was weak. She also suffered from sleep disorder. When I measured her blood pressure, I found that her heartbeat was high. A high heartbeat is because of ischemia in the brain. The human brain works like a computer, it can self-regulate to achieve normal function. Because of the lack of oxygen, it sends out a signal, commanding the heartbeat to increase, so that more blood can be pumped to the brain to bring oxygen to the brain cells. However, if the heartbeat is too fast, one becomes nervous, which makes movement more difficult.

After a week of medication when patient came for her second follow-up visit, her condition improved miraculously. Her sleep improved. She was able to sleep through the night till dawn, which has never happened before. She did not wake up in the middle of the night to use the toilet, her morning urination was strong and she was in good spirit. When she walked, her steps felt lighter, more flexible and she had no trouble making sharp turns. Lifting a leg and taking a step from a standing position has significantly improved. However, the day before she walked so fast that she accidentally fell. Fortunately, there was no serious problem. Her condition improved so fast that she was not able to adapt to it so quickly. I warned her to be careful, otherwise it would slow down the progress. Her voice was louder than before because her heart has strengthened. Her body also felt warmer and her surroundings seemed clearer and brighter. Her right foot was still trembling. She brought the urine sample from the past week. The first bottle was brown indicating the toxins discharged from the liver. The other urine samples were light brown and light yellow, indicating no blood clots was discharged yet.

The patient continued to take medicine and her condition improved further. She could take a step and start a walk easily, there was no more dragging on the leg and no more back pain. Before, she felt pain in her toes, but the pain in the right toes has gone and only two toes on the left foot still felt pain. But in the fourth follow-up visit, all the pain in her toes has gone and her leg tremor has disappeared. She later told me that in order to speed up the recovery, she has also visited a western doctor in Hong Kong, although she did not take the western medicine and did not mention to the doctor that she was taking Chinese medicine. The western doctor told her that she was in good condition and her blood pressure was normal. I told her that she shouldn’t do that because it will not be fair for both the western doctor and myself.

Observe the urine to understand the progress

When I treat a patient, observation of the patient’s urine sample is the most important part of every follow-up visit. Urine carries the toxins discharged from the blood that flows through all the five internal organs and brain cells, and through the kidneys, urine is passed out of the body. So the urine sediment and color indicate the situation of detoxification. Different toxins has different colors and I will change the prescription according to circumstances to accelerate patient’s recovery. Like for this patient, her two bottles of urine sample were purple red, indicating blood clots and toxins in the liver. Once blood clots and toxins were discharged through the urine, her liver pain for so many years would disappear completely. I also pay a lot of attention to the sweat because the toxins can also be discharged through sweats. For patients with severe condition, their sweat will be especially smelly, a normal phenomenon of detoxification.

For this patient, her head was sweating a lot in the earlier stages of treatment. Through the head is the fastest way heavy metals is being discharged, so the more you sweat the better. Since the patient started sweating at the head, she has been able to sleep well and was always clear-headed. Before the treatment, she also suffered from eczema at the inner folds of her elbows and knees. Western medicine was never able to heal her eczema, but with my treatment, she was cured of eczema also. This was the result of liver toxins being discharged. One thing to note is that while taking my medicine, the body will feel pain at some parts. This is a normal phenomenon of detoxification and discharge of blood clots and toxins. Many patients do not understand this phenomenon. For this patient, she was suddenly afflicted with bone pain and, without informing me, went to seek acupuncture treatment. I told her not to do so and explained to her that the pain would go away eventually after all clots and toxins was discharged if she continued to take my medication. Fortunately she listened and the pain disappeared after two days.

Take the elevator without fear

In the later stages of the treatment, the patient would take the tram on her own to my clinic every time. She was not afraid to take the escalator or elevator and was not afraid of falling anymore. Her condition has improved significantly. Before the treatment she was afraid to set foot on the escalator and would feel dizzy. Her sons and friends all said that her complexion looked good and she could walk so well they didn’t notice any problems. Her right foot tremor has also reduced and the frequency of her becoming sick has decreased. After a week since she brought over her urine sample, transparent crystals and cholesterol appeared. These crystals are called tartaric acid, it erodes the myelin sheath, so that the nerve axis is exposed to the outside, causing the signals to overlap, rebound or falsely emitted. As the blood clots is being discharged, the heart will be strengthened and blood supply to the brain will be increased. The myelin sheath (fatty acid synthesis) will regenerate and the control of the foot muscles will be repaired so patient will be able to walk better and better.

As patient condition improved, she, although not young anymore, spent a long time playing on the computer. By night time, her brain was too excited and it was difficult to fall asleep. In addition, her waist pain recurred. During her thirteenth follow-up visit, I found that there were still a lot of transparent crystals in the urine, which meant the brain toxins was still being discharged. Later on, both her abdomen and back pain disappeared. Her right foot tremor has improved further. I believed in just a few more treatments, she would be completely recovered.

After some time, the patient felt so good she took a trip and drove herself. She even couldn’t believe it herself. Since she suffered from Parkinson’s disease, she has stopped driving for two years because her foot was out of control. But now her disease has improved so much she gained her confidence back and drove to my clinic for follow-up. By the fifteenth visit, she had little foot tremor and toes pain was so minor she only felt it when they were pressed.

Walking normally, rapid recovery

Finally, patient started walking normally, no “stifling” situation. I think the Parkinson’s disease has almost fully recovered, but the patient also complained about sciatica. I suggested her to take deer tail soup to strengthen her lumbar. After taking three times, the pain disappeared and her body became very warm, showing the efficacy of the deer tail soup. She had taken blood tests and the test results showed that good cholesterol has increased, but the bad cholesterol has also increased. The triglycerides index was normal but the blood glucose index was slightly higher, mainly due to sugar in the drug. After a few more follow-ups, she was fully recovered and was happy to return to the United States.

From mid-May 2011 to early October 2011, patient underwent a total of about 4 months of treatment. She has been suffering from Parkinson’s disease for more than 2 years without an effective treatment in the United States. Fortunately, through a friend’s referral, she determined to come to Hong Kong for treatment and was completely cured. This proved the efficacy of my treatment and the accuracy of my “Chinese medicine brain theory” of seventeen years and that it is suitable for the treatment of all brain diseases.

By Dr. Au Sik Kee

Sep 20, 2016

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