Oct 04, 2016

Fall lead to brain degeneration, elderly man can walk for hours after treatment

The fourth case was a case of an elderly man who was 77 years old. He was a businessman. He had a strong physical build and he liked outdoor activities, such as climbing, swimming, hunting, etc., activities that involved more dynamic movement. Some time ago, he was a victim in a real estate trading fraud. He had to go through legal proceedings and the process had caused a lot of mental distress in him. His health began to slip soon after. When he came to my clinic for his first visit, his wife told me that his hand trembled while holding his chopsticks when eating, he spoke more slowly and unclearly than before, his movement was slow and his response was slow. His eyes were dull and his hand trembled severely when he tried to sign his signature. He was suffering from early Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

According to patient’s wife, about five years ago, when he got up from bed to go to the bathroom, he suddenly blacked out and fell forward. His head was injured and his forehead and orbital were bleeding and filled with blood clots. He improved after treatment but after a few years, his health started to decline gradually. Besides Parkinson’s disease, he suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. He also suffered from hypertension and swollen and painful feet. His hearing was impaired, cognitive ability declined and his hands trembled so much that he had trouble getting his food with the chopsticks so his wife had to help him. After my detailed examination and diagnosis, I think that as a result of the fall five years ago, there was blood clots in the brain that has not been completely removed. This has caused the brain to degenerate. The most important thing was to have him sleep more, so that the blood could go to the brain in order for the brain cells to be active again. If brain cells are active, they can direct the nerves to operate normal activities. As a result, his cognitive ability would be improved and trembling condition would be better. From December 10, 2013 to October 24, 2014, a total of 10 months and 43 consultations, I could see him gradually getting better and becoming healthy again. I am happy for him and I feel thankful that my father had left behind for me valuable medical records and writing I can study. With my further research, I created the brain theory of Chinese medicine today, the basis for healing people in the world.

Extend fingers, no trembling

In the second follow-up visit, the patient brought his urine sample. Most of them were light orange and orange, which is a phenomenon when blood clots is being discharged from the heart. If the blood clots continued to be discharged, blood supply to the myocardial and brain would be improved. Usually after taking two weeks of traditional Chinese medicine, a patient’s condition will be greatly improved. In this case, the patient’s hands stopped trembling and his fingers were stable when he extended his hands. In addition, he could sleep better through the night and his walk seemed lighter and swifter than before. Things he saw around him seemed clearer and brighter. However, his heartbeat was still not steady, a condition called “generation pulse” in traditional Chinese medicine, and he said he felt his heartbeat very slow for a few times. He thought his thinking and response did not change much but my assistant and I both thought his response was quicker than before and his movement was not as slow as that in his initial examination, which proved that my treatment was effective and he was gradually recovering.

In the third follow-up visit, the patient’s condition had more obvious improvement. The color of two bottles of urine sample he brought was yellow and very clear, which indicated that blood clots in the heart has reduced. To test the reaction of his hands, I asked him to stretch them out quickly. His right hand did not tremble at all, indicating his heart was strengthened. The numbness at the sole of his right foot was also reduced, indicating sufficient blood going to the brain, supplying enough nutrition to nourish the corresponding parts of the brain cell. His heartbeat was steady and uniform, indicating that the blood clots in the heart has been removed. Later on when he called me to report his condition, he said that his heartbeat felt steady and he did not have the feeling that his heartbeat would stop a beat like before, so he felt quiet and peaceful.

Because I needed to return to the United States, I prescribed additional medication for the patient in his fourth follow-up visit in order for him to continue his treatment. He said that in the week before, his heartbeat was completely normal, numbness at the sole of his foot was almost gone and his right hand stopped trembling anymore. He could control his hand normally and could use the chopsticks to get his own food and even for others. One day he treated me out for dinner and afterwards when we took a walk, I saw him walk without any problem. His steps were lighter and bigger and his leg was not dragging like before. His spirit was also lifted, unlike before when he seemed dull, slow and down. According to his wife, he could listen, understand and respond faster. He walked with his body straight, his complexion has improved and his expression was more alive, indicating his condition has gradually improved.

Numbness at soles of feet completely gone

In the fifth follow-up visit, patient’s condition was improving in every aspect. His hand tremor has reduced to minimal, it only appeared when he was holding something at a certain position. Numbness at the sole of his feet almost no longer existed and the swelling of his feet has disappeared. His heartbeat has completely returned to normal, it did not have any irregular beating. His voice became louder and clearer and I could fully understand the content of his words. In the sixth follow-up visit, his urine sample was light yellow, but in most of them, there was white cholesterol deposits. Numbness at the sole of his feet has gone, his heartbeat was normal, complexion was good and he appeared in good spirit. However, his blood pressure has increased, probably because he had talked to his lawyers that morning, which caused some psychological anxiety.

According to the patient’s wife’s report, his mobility, response and cognitive ability were gradually recovering with significant progress. In the ninth follow-up visit, his right hand was trembling again. When he was shaving, his hand would tremble when it reached the far left. When he tried to drink tea, his hand would tremble when it reached a certain point. Sometimes he would fall asleep while sitting in a chair. I told him to get rid of that habit to avoid insufficient blood going to the brain and should instead try to lie down in a bed. In his tenth follow-up visit, I could see a big difference in his condition. He was often smiling and in good spirit, not like the stone face he had when he first came, indicating sufficient blood going to the brain. He has also restored his memory. I recommended him taking an iron pill every other day, as long as it didn’t cause constipation, to strengthen the brain signal transmission. Over the years of treating brain diseases, I think that the signal transmission within the brain is by electromagnetic waves. So increasing iron ions in the brain will help signal transmission. He also said that he had uneven heartbeat again. He could feel, on that day, four or five times of stops and then beat such “generation pulse”. This phenomenon is actually a normal reaction during the course of treatment.

Long-distance walk, never tried before

After a week, the patient told me that he accomplished an ‘expedition’, he walked all the way from his home in the western district to Causeway Bay Sogo Department Store, which was far away. He walked for more than an hour, which never happened ever since he was sick, indicating his physical and mental strength has returned to normal. Then after, he could walk faster and easier, more and more relaxed, just like a normal healthy person. He was not slow and did not have difficulties walking like before.

In his thirteenth follow-up visit, the patient’s eyes were bright and alert, not like before the treatment when he was down and his eyes dazed with no focus. This showed that his brain system has improved and was reflected in his eyes. His wife very much agreed with my observation. As for the right hand, tremor has generally gone, heartbeat was also normal, uniform and powerful and his complexion was pinkish, indicating sufficient blood going to the brain. In the fourteenth follow-up visit, the color of his urine sample was mostly yellow, which is the color of healthy people’s urine. For some urine samples, they were a little light orange, which indicated blood clots in the heart, after a week of oxidation, after being discharged. In the other eight bottles of urine sample, there was some white cholesterol precipitate. In one bottle of urine sample, there was fat floating in the urine, which should be discharged from the liver. The patient told me that he went to Shenzhen with his son a few days ago. In Shenzhen, he walked for nearly an hour and did not feel tired at all. He also took the train and was walking up and down with no problem. Before the treatment, he needed help and assistance with walking and his daily activities. After the treatment, he could travel on his own and take care of himself. That was a great improvement.

Talk in an orderly manner

Many patients who feel that their condition has improved, will immediately stop treatment in order to save money, however, they do not understand that the disease is actually not completely healed. There is a need for a consolidation period, otherwise they will relapse at any time. When that happens, patient will have to be treated again. However, this delayed treatment might take a longer time to recover. This patient was very persistent with the treatment and diligent with following my prescription. He did not stop his treatment even after a great improvement. In the course of a treatment, it is normal to have ups and downs, for example, for him, his right hand tremor stopped and numbness at the sole of his right foot was gone for a while but in the fifteenth follow-up visit, mild tremor and numbness appeared again. That was a normal phenomenon. Treatment will have to be continued until the condition has stabilized after a period of time to determine the full recovery. During his visit, I chatted with him and asked him about his legal case. He chatted and answered in an orderly manner, just as a normal healthy person. A big improvement from before the treatment when he had trouble speaking coherently.

In the eighteenth follow-up visit, he said about a week ago, his right ankle was swollen and that it would become dent when pressed. I believed that it could be because of insufficient medication or the water used in the medicine was too much, so that the decoction was not concentrated enough. When I checked his records, I found out that he had taken less medicine then. I told him to make sure that he took medicine twice a day with normal concentration. Another reason could be walking too much, causing fatigue. In the twenty-first follow-up visit, he said that there was no more swelling in the morning. He had been to Zhuhai for two days to discuss with the lawyer about the lawsuit. He had been walking up and down stairs without any problem besides feeling only a little tired.

In the twenty-second and twenty-third follow-up visits, the treatment was drawing to a close. His complexion was pinkish, although wrinkled, indicated his heart has strengthened and sufficient blood was going to the face to remove excess water, hence reducing swelling in the face. He said one night at the dinner table with is family, he was speaking clearly, thinking clearly and using the chopsticks without the hand trembling. He recalled that before the treatment, his condition was so much different. He also said that his daughter had returned to Hong Kong from the United States and saw that he was a totally different person from before the treatment. His spirit was up and his cognitive ability was greatly improved. The treatment took only 43 visits and it was successful concluded.

After the treatment has completed, we had a chat one day. He told me that one time he accidentally left a bag of documents in a taxi after he got off. He realized as soon as the taxi started to leave. He immediately chased after and caught up with the taxi and retrieved his bag of documents. This showed that he has completely recovered to his original normal active state.

I think that in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, the most important thing is patient’s perseverance. The rehabilitation progress varies among different patients. Some may only take a week or two before significant improvement. Some may take a longer time. Regardless of the situation, it takes a certain amount of time in order to cure this chronic disease completely. However, if a patient follow my instructions diligently and adhere to my prescribed medication, the treatment will achieve the best results.

By Dr. Au Sik Kee

Oct 04, 2016

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