Oct 25, 2016

Efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine, autistic children show vitality again

In our modern society, there have been many cases of autism in the past two decades. It can be considered an epidemic. It has caused a big impact on the development of children. About 20 years ago, I began to treat autism and has treated more than a hundred autistic children with significant success. In many cases, the children I treated have entered universities in the United States like any other children. Based on my experience and observations, I have come to several important conclusions: (a) it is ideal for a woman to give birth before 30 years old because eggs age too and if they’re too “old”, it could cause issues; (b) get vaccination when the child is in the best condition, try to avoid three in one or five in one vaccination; (c) autism can be diagnosed when the child is as young as 2 years old. If there is doubt, get an early diagnosis; (d) minimize the use of antibiotics. Antibiotics damages the liver and toxins will be accumulated as a result.

The patient of this case is a teenager. He has been suffering from autism since very young. Fortunately, his parents brought him to me for treatment early enough, otherwise, it would have delayed his development, affecting his life. The patient was only 16 years old, studying at Hong Kong International School. He was tall and stout. His complexion was pale and dark. Every time he talked, he would frown and blink his eyes constantly, like he was trying very hard to search for words in his head. He had difficulty expressing himself. His first language is English and can speak Cantonese. I asked him to tell me about the impact on students as a result of the public occupying Central incident in both English and Cantonese. He could speak better in English than in Cantonese, however, his speech was intermittent. He had to constantly pause and think before he spoke.

In sports, the patient has the characteristics of autistic children, that is, bad visual and hands coordination. His hands and feet movement and reaction were delayed. He would always miss the ball in ball games. He was easily out of breath when running. As a result, he seldom did exercise. His hearing was impaired. He could not distinguish the direction of a sound nor sense stereo. This indicated that the brain had blood stasis, so that the left and right auditory nerves were affected. The left ear would receive from the right ear a weakened signal coming through the stasis and vice versa. In a more serious condition, the left and right ears would hear a common voice. In this case, the sound would not be stereo. In addition, his tongue could not touch the upper lip, resulting in impaired speech. Patient also did not have a normal morning erection. There was apparent renal insufficiency and sexual development was weak. Nevertheless, his sleep pattern and defecation were normal.

After a week of medication, blinking reduced

After a week of taking the medication, patient’s condition improved significantly. His tongue was more flexible, it could touch his upper lip, frowning and blinking while speaking has reduced, he could express himself in both Cantonese and English more fluently and he started experiencing morning erection. I explained to him that the reduction of blinking indicated that the brain stasis has reduced so that the signal was not blocked and the situation of signal rebound and overlap has been reduced. In time, the weakened rebound signal would gradually disappear and he would be able to focus better.

In the patient’s third visit, the color of his urine was dark brown red. Three of the bottles were light orange brown of which one bottle had uric acid precipitation. Another three bottles had a lot of yellow-white cholesterol precipitate. These urine samples indicated the efficacy of the medication. Stasis in the heart and brain was discharged. The kidney stones, after being dissolved, was discharged also. After being discharged, kidney stones dissolution crystallized again into uric acid crystals (such as calcium oxalate, etc.) Without kidney stones, the kidneys’ filtration capacity was improved, thus kidney function enhanced. The discharge of cholesterol precipitates also showed that the medication has dissolved the cholesterol calcification (plaque), which has caused vascular stenosis. As a result, blood circulation would be improved.

Patient felt that after taking the medication, his blinking problem has reduced by more than half. His mother also agreed. As for his speech, his ability to express himself has improved by about thirty percent. He could speak with more fluency. In terms of hearing, he could hear stereo sound. This indicated that blood stasis in the brain has gradually been discharged, so that left and right signals transmission would no longer be rebounded causing overlapped signal. The sound he heard, therefore, would be louder and three-dimensional. Before the treatment, when his heel landed on the floor, he would feel a tight pulling sensation so he tended to tip toe. After the treatment, this situation has improved significantly. He has regained the normal morning erection and his scrotum has become stouter, instead of hanging loose. His sleep quality has also improved.

To cure autism, we must first remove the brain stasis and toxins. In patient’s fourth follow-up visit, my expectations has been confirmed and realized. In one of the bottles of the patient’s urine sample, there was a lot of tartaric acid crystals. They were toxins brought out from the brain. The more being discharged the better. I firmly believed that he would recover within a year. After the treatment, he was able to find words to express his ideas more easily. He had more strength running than before. His heel muscles were more relaxed and he could walk more normally with the heel landing on the floor. He even told me he felt smarter than before. He would ask questions, refute and challenge others, a good start to an improved cognition.

I asked patient what he felt has improved physically after taking the medication. He said he had run twice that week. The first time was longer and faster than before but he was only panting a little. The second time he ran up and down hill and it felt very hard and he was out of breath. He told me all that in Cantonese and was more fluent than before. His father also said that he could see a great improvement in his son’s behavior, his anxiety has decreased. Another big improvement was his blinking problem, which has reduced by 90%. He seldom showed deep frown or closed his eyes. This indicated that the brain was cleared of blood stasis and transmission of signals was smoother so that he did not have such a hard time searching and processing the information like before. At school, he felt he could understand better and could absorb the materials into the brain faster.

On the other hand, the patient’s new breakthrough was the development of his sexual organ. Before the treatment, his sexual organ was short and he never had the morning erection. After the sixth treatment, his sexual organ was thickened by a quarter and at the same time he had morning erection every day.

Western medicine difficult to treat autism

Autism is a very complex brain developmental disorder. Patients will have emotional complications, social interaction barriers and verbal and non-verbal communication problems. From the perspective of Western medicine, there is no drug yet that can improve the problems, or completely eradicate such neurological disease. The key is an early detection and diagnosis. The critical period of treatment is at the age of two to three years old. For this case, the patient was 16 years old. He had missed the critical period of treatment and was supposedly a difficult case to treat. Based on my unique theory of Chinese medicine, autism is a result of the brain accumulation of blood stasis, affecting the nervous system. Therefore, the patient had difficulties controlling his actions. After my Chinese medicine treatment, removing the brain stasis and toxins, he would soon recover.

A week before the patient’s seventh follow-up visit, he was in Myanmar with a group of schoolmates for overseas study. Everything was normal and there was no major changes. In the eighth follow-up visit, he brought several bottles of urine samples. Most samples were orange-brown, indicating the discharge from the heart and brain. In some samples, there was white cholesterol sediment and in one of the samples, there was tartaric acid crystals. In another sample, there was bright red blood stains. The patient’s physical fitness has obviously improved. Before, he could only run five kilometers. After the treatment, he could run up to eight kilometers, indicating a stronger heart. At school, his average grade has gone up to B. His father thought he has significant improvement in mathematics. Evidently, after taking my Chinese medicine, his brain function has improved.

In the patient’s ninth follow-up visit, there were changes in his urine samples. The reason was that he has been running too much. The discharge of the heart blood stasis was quickened and the whole bottle of urine was red. This indicated his heart has strengthened and more blood was transported to the brain to nourish the nerve tissue, so that signal transmission was smoother. He also went to the cinema to watch a movie and could hear the stereo effect, which he never felt before.

Condition fluctuates due to exhaustion

Patient had traveled to Japan and I had not been in contact with him for two weeks. Nevertheless, his condition progressed well. It snowed in Japan but he was not afraid of the cold. His hands and feet stayed warm, indicating the strengthening of his physique. He felt more comfortable and relaxed talking with people, that he could understand what they said better and react faster. During the New Year, he traveled to Canada and Singapore for vacation. Because his trip was so hectic, he got tired and sick. His condition fluctuated and he started blinking and frowning again. I believed it was due to lack of sleep and insufficient blood going to the brain. I advised him to sleep more. Later on, his condition improved again. For readers, you can learn from the above case that if a patient does not take medication on time and get sufficient rest, the progress will retreat.

After returning to Hong Kong, patient attended a Model United Nations course. He felt that his speech was fluent and his ability to express himself was obviously better than before. As for physical exercises, he changed from long-distance running to short-distance running, which required more explosive power and higher physical demands. Soon he felt knee pain. I believed it was because of the increased speed and higher impact on the joint. He told me he felt that he was more mature than before. I asked him why and he said that he started to think more, unlike before when he relied mostly on intuitive response.

In patient’s fourteenth follow-up visit, he updated me with the changes in his physical exercises. He participated in a 400-meter race. However, he felt that he was still slower than other students and wanted to improve his speed. He also picked up basketball again. His hands were faster and the number of times he missed the ball has reduced. In the fifteenth follow-up visit, he told me excitedly that he could smell the cooking, but on the other hand, he could also taste the bitterness of the medicine. It tasted so bitter he wanted to vomit. Nevertheless, I was very happy, his sense of smell and taste has finally recovered, indicating that his condition has improved a big step.

Kidney strengthened, sexual function recovered

In the patient’s seventeenth follow-up visit, two bottles of his urine sample were orange-brown, and the remaining twelve bottles were light orange-brown and yellowish brown. In some bottles, there was white cholesterol precipitate. In one bottle, there was some brownish color uric acid crystals. He continued to have morning erection and his sexual organ continued to grow and the length has increased by another 10%. Due to discharge of uric acid crystals, his kidney stones would continue to decrease and his kidney function would be strengthened. As a result, his male sexual organ development would be improved.

One time, patient participated in a dragon boat race and when he practiced two months prior to the race, it felt exhausting but in later practices, he felt more relaxed, indicating an improvement in his physical fitness. He also started to get acnes on his face, indicating he was at puberty, secreting male hormones and testosterone, so that the development of his male sexual organ has returned to normal. It also helped the metabolism of the protein, hence he became more muscular, faster absorption of nutrients to stimulate metabolism and enhance the body in all aspects of growth.

In the patient’s twenty-first visit, his acnes has started to dry, but he got cold sore in the mouth. He said he had eaten fried food so I guessed there was too much heat in his body. His sense of taste and smell continued to improve. He also said that he often felt joint pain. After my analysis, I think it was because the medication has improved and accelerated his overall body development and his bone grew faster, resulting in mild joint pain. I told him that it was not a big problem, it was normal during development and he would soon be all right. In his last visit, he was just like a normal person. There was no sign of autism. He was calm most of the time and he hardly blinked or frowned when talking to others. This young patient came to my clinic for the first time on 6 October 2014. After eight months and a total of 24 months until May 30, 2015, his condition has improved significantly.

By Dr. Au Sik Kee

Oct 25, 2016

Medical record number: 141006

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